Sub Categories Of Electrician

Switch & Socket

You can rely on the Commercial Electrician to do a quality job. Enjoy safety, convenience, and peace of mind with their handyman services. Best Switch and Socket service in Noida


Do you need an electrician for fan repair or installation? We are the premier electrical contractors in Noida. We offer high-quality services that are not only affordable but reliable as well. It is important to find a quality electrician that has the expertise you need along with competitive rates. Our team of experts can handle a variety of electrical needs including live wire issues, dimmer switch repairs, ceiling fan installation and much more. Adrigel provide you the best Fan repairing and Fan installation Service.


We specialize in MCB & FUSE in Noida.

Invertor & Stablilizer

We specialize in Invertor and Stablilizer services in Noida.


Wiring at per meter Pricing


Drilling & Hanging, Material obtainment, Etc.

Appliance Installation

Installation/Unistallation of Various Appliances.


Installation/Replacement of varieties of lights