About us

Well, thank you so much for your stay because Adrigel is where your all needs search takes its stop. Believe me; we do not deal with the word disappointment.

We, at Adrigel, deal with all kinds of requirements you need. We are a mobile based marketplace for all of your local services that makes you worry about who will look after them and that is where our role comes in. We genuinely try our best to satisfy and help our customers to hire best professionals, related to every field and for all their required services.

Currently, we are a Noida based firm working on and over an e-commerce platform, consistently. Commitments shall be made only if one has the capacity to make it done, right? So here, at Adrigel, we make our precious commitments to make your life easier and satisfying.

As a third person, to you, we are trying our best to grow and come up as your best working hand who’d take care of all your services, be it polishing your boot whenever you are in hurry to go and catch up your boss or to design the site plan for your new and safe home.

At once and all, we are your one-stop-shop which would provide all of the major satisfying and needy services like Plumbers, Electricians, Salon, House Painting, Vehicle Repairing, Computer Repairing, ,House Keeping, etc. in a work of flash and affording way.

We, as Adrigel, are currently registered as Private Limited Company.

Below are the company details.

Company Name: Adrigel Private Ltd.
Corporate Identity Number: U93090UP2019PTC121875