Sub Categories Of Plumbing

Basin & Sink

Plumbing is the activity or skill of installing, maintaining or repairing pipes, drains, water supply systems and other fixtures that carry liquids or gases. Plumbing has historically referred to a variety of plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, water closets (toilets, urinals), and piped furnaces.

Bath Fitting

Bath Fitting



Blockages can be a major problem for plumbers.

Tap & Mixer

Tap & mixer

Combine sleek lines and rounded cylinders to form this stylishly modern Tap & mixer. Perfect for any colour scheme, its easy to clean chrome finish will suit all kitchen styles.


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Water Tank

Overhead tank installation (upto 500l)

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Motor pump

Adrigel provides professional and reliable Motor Installation services in Noida

Minor Installation

Minor installation